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Pet Care Experience

Michelle's Pet Care Experience Includes:

Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Minor in Counseling, which can be applied to animals and help people relate to their furry friends. I earned 12 university credits in Animal Behavior as well.

Associates Degree in Animal Science with a Concentration in Animal Behavior. Took (two) obedience training courses and learned how to train dogs in basic obedience and commands.

Specialized High School Degree in Animal Science on top of an Honors Degree.

Working on a farm for three Summers, caring for farm animals and a small animal education lab. I cared for goats, chickens, lambs, ducks, rabbits on the farm. Our education lab included ferrets, turtles, snakes, guinea pigs, frogs, sugar gliders and more.

I conducted many educational workshops for high school students while being a leader in the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

During my University years I worked at the towns local Pet Store, I cared for numerous species from tarantulas to puppies. I worked closely with local breeders in finding forever homes for purebred puppies and kittens. 

Volunteering and employed at my local Animal Shelter as an adoption counselor and rehabilitator.I evaluated potential Pet Parents and matched them with their furure best friends! Finding stray pets forever homes was the best part of the job.

Proudly operating Michelle's Pet Sitting Service for the last 8 years on a Professional level and over 10 years of assisting friends and their furry kids. We do what we love and love what we do!!!

Being a foster mom to numerous animals over the years who were either homeless, had a terminal illness or parents abandoned due to pets poor health.(15 years-present).

Internship with Flushing Meadow Zoo, N.Y as an animal caretaker.

Being married to a veterinarian is just an added perk to our service as it's just an added security knowing someone with full knowledge of animal medical care lives in the home in case of an emergency.  That is priceless!

My lists go on with working on farms, pet stores, with breeders, training, dog shows, etc but the most important thing is your pet is our #1 priority!

What is a Professional Pet Sitter?

You might ask yourselves, well what makes a Pet Sitter actually Professional?

1. Your Pet Sitter should be able to provide you with proof of insurance. Insurance is a way to protect both parties in case of an emergency especially since we all know veterinarian bills can be quite high. A true Professional Pet Sitter should not hesitate to provide this crucial information and should be fully insured at all times!!!

2. All Professional Pet Sitters should belong to an accredited National Pet Sitting Organization like
www.acpsn.com or others. This will tell you that your Pet Sitter has the responsibility to adhere to rules and regulations while conducting their business and caring for your pets. Even the smallest business should have someone to answer to. Most organizations have strict application processes that will only qualify highly experienced and skilled Professionals. They will also verify your Pet Sitter is insured and licensed.

3. All Professionals should be able to provide you with numerous referrals from past clients and NOT just friends.

4. All Professional Pet Sitters should explain their action plan in case they become ill themselves. That is why many people prefer having their pets cared for by a service with more then one Pet Professionals at all times like us.

5. Last but not least, you should feel comfortable with your Pet Sitter. With our service our clients are more like extended family and you should feel the same way about your Professional Pet Sitter.

**Do not take a chance hiring an amateur as your best friends lives will be in their hands. Please use this check list when interviewing and searching for your Professional Pet Sitter**

I hope this helps all the Pet Parents out there and we look forward to meeting all of you!


Email: michellespetsitting@gmail.com
Phone: (780) 937-2259