Michelle's Pet Sitting Service

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Teddy and Matzi

Here's what our clients are saying...


I always feel so good when Buddy has to stay at your house. When I pick him up he is always so excited to see me, but half way home he starts to whine as he realizes he will miss you and all the other dog friends !!

 Thank you so much Michelle and for watching our kitties! They came home happy and stress-free! You can tell they were well-cared for during their visit. I would be happy to refer you to my family and friends. Until our next trip!

Trixie and Bandit's Mom Cheryl :) 

It is the perfect home away from home for our dog Lucy. The care, attention and home surroundings are a perfect environment to leave your dog in. We love the fact that there are never too many animals at one time, yet a few to allow Lucy to socialize and interact with other dogs. We can go away without any worry at all.


Willow's Mom 

Happy Mommy

* Michelle Pet Sitting service is wonderful and the owner Michelle is very good at corresponding with the owners and provide timely update. She truly loves animal and in the right business. I am very picky about leaving my dog with strangers and I felt comfortable after talking to Michelle and seeing her pet sitting surroundings. The thing I like the most is that my pet is in a family home and not a kennel.
Rumor's Parents

I'm an anxious and protective pet owner. I worry about my furry children when I leave them and need reassurance that they are doing well. Kennels are not an option for us and we have never used them. Depending on family and friends can get intrusive and we felt like we were wearing thin on our resources. I found that Michelle gave me the reassurance I needed and accepted my pets unconditionally. Her warm personality and the vibe of her home are perfect for taking care of animals. You can just tell when someone loves animals and I feel blessed that I found this environment for my animals to be in when I go away. Thanks Michelle!
-Oliver and Morgans Mom

We were very stressed about leaving our puppy at such a vulnerable stage of her life but after meeting Michelle we felt so much more comfortable leaving her with Michelle. We were impressed with the frequent updates we received while we were away and the obvious affection and care Michelle gave to Shadow. It's nice to know that she is in a home environment and is closely supervised while at the same time has opportunities to socialize with other pets. Thanks, Michelle!
-Shadow's Family

We are very glad and confident to know that Michelle has been doing this service with many years of experience and that her spouse is a vet. Thanks again, Michelle
-Smith's Mom R.I.P. Smith

 I have never kenneled my dogs before as we have always had family care for them. When I came across Michelle's Pet Sitting Service on the internet and learned that she provided 24 hour care in her home I thought it was the next best thing to having them stay with family. Michelle was very welcome to us coming ahead of time for a visit to see her home and bring our dogs to check it out. She ensures that you provide her with all the information she might need to provide for your pets like you would care for them at home, minimizing any disruption to their normal daily routine. I have two dogs, one of which has major separation anxiety. I was nervous leaving him, not knowing how he would behave or react in a unfamiliar environment. When we picked him up after our vacation though he seemed happy, content and stress-free! I think having the constant attention and supervision that is not available in a kennel, was essential to his comfort while we were away. I would definitely recommend Michelle's Pet Sitting Service to anyone, and especially those who have pets who require that little bit of extra attention.
-Jack & Hank's Mom

We were always worried when we left Koda at the dog kennel. as we didn't like having him locked up most of the day in a cage, so that is why we decided to find a place like Michelle's where he was in a home setting. I can honestly say this is the first time that I've felt no guilt leaving him behind when we went on a holiday. I didn't worry about him once. And he seemed very happy and content when we picked him up at the end of his one week stay. We will definitely use Michelle's Pet Sitting again in future.

Lola always seems to like to go to the "pet party". Its nice not having to worry about her well-being.
-Lola the Cat's Dad

Michelle's pet sitting service was great, my 10 year old dog had never stayed anywhere other than with us or with one set of our friends...Jodi was nervous when I dropped her off and adjusted fairly well to the surroundings.Everything was great!

Better late than never...again thank you Michelle for taking care of my cat Prince. We are very happy that we found such a great pet sitter. Prince stayed for 2 months and made new friends =) We were really busy the past month, moving, etc. Now Prince lives like a king with a fireplace, haha...I send you some pics which you can post on your webpage if you like. Thanks again and I'm sure that Prince will come back for holidays at your place some time this year, see you JENNY

Having a 'home situation' is much more comforting than leaving our pets at at kennel. They have never been kenneled and we knew it would be too stressful on them to be 'caged' for hours at a time. The home environment is much closer to their 'usual' life style (we are home all day, most days) even though it was new to them. Knowing there was experience in health care, close at hand, we felt much more secure leaving our aged, anxious dog. We thank you for all you did for our Boyz.
-Baily and Kramer's Parents

Michelle's house is a great alternative to placing your pet in a kennel. You don't have to worry about your pet, you are assured they are in good hands.

We are very happy to have found a place where our dog will have as much love and attention as she does at home. It definitely helped give us peace of mind while we were on vacation knowing that Bailey was safe and happy. We could tell Bailey enjoyed her stay, and had lots of playtime, as she was very relaxed and happy when we picked her up.
Bailey and Mom

What a great service! Michelle is so caring and loving towards all the animals. I had to go in for surgery and left my puppy Snickers in her care. Snickers had a great time!!! Michelle and I stayed in contact and she always let me know how Snickers was doing. Peace of mind while your away and that is such a nice feeling. Thanks, Michelle, Snickers sends lots of licks...

It's great to have a service like Michelle's available, where we can go away, and leave our little dog, Ollie, with her. Knowing that he was in a safe and happy place, a home, gave us the peace of mind that we needed, in order to enjoy our vacation. Michelle even took the time to send us a few emails while we were away, letting us know how Ollie was doing, & that helped us feel in touch with him! Thanks, Michelle!

I just want to say thank you for having our dog in your home and taking such good care of him. When we went to pick him up he was relaxed and I could tell he felt totally comfortable in your home. I'm glad I have found you and a safe reliable place for him to go to when we go on holidays and can't take him with us. We will be back and I will tell others . Lisa and Jess

Thank you so much Michelle for watching our cat and dog this month. It was great to know that our best friends were in the best possible care. Having a vet in the house was an extra bonus, can't ask for better then that. It was obvious to see how much you care for all your pets you watch and how they feel at home with your family. It was so much better then having a person visit our house and have to leave our poor guys all alone for hours with no company. Please count me as a referral anytime and we will be seeing you soon. Harry and Monty send their kisses and cuddles too!

Michelle's Pet Sitting Service offers a safe, comfortable environment for pets. Pet owners can be confident that their pet(s) are treated with the best possible care. Michelle geniunely cares for the pet(s) in her charge.

Hi Michelle, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your services and am so pleased with how well adjusted Ben and Jerry are after their stay with you. I will highly recommend you to others. They were obviously well cared for.Your services are a rare and treasured gem. Animal lovers are not always so easy to find!!!!!! I live in a large complex and if you like I can put your services up on the advertising board and would be delighted to serve as a reference for you. Have a fabulous week and thank you so much for your personal care for my beloved boys!!!! Tamara

Michelle watched our two dogs for almost two weeks and we were so relieved to find such a caring person. Our dogs are very needy for attention and have special diets. Michelle took care of all their extra needs and did not even charge us extra. We have used her services twice after that first stay and our "boys" run right up to her home. They love it there!!!It's great to know we can go away and have a loving person take great care of them.

Thanks again Michelle!
Rollie and Mickey and their parents

She is very professional and compassionate. It amazes me how comfortable I was leaving my dog with a stranger in a new city but Michelle eased any anxiety I had and was more than happy to accommodate to Hailey's feeding and walking schedule. While I was in Toronto, she called with regular updates and even sent some pictures to my email address so I could see she was doing well. It was very clear that Hailey was getting plenty of attention. My trip was that much more enjoyable knowing that I could call and check in on her anytime and peace of mind knowing that she was being cared for in a loving environment. We'll definitely be back to visit Michelle again!

Michelle did a great job accomodating me on short notice (and on a long weekend to boot!). I was extremely happy with her petsitting and so was Norton. This was his first experience with a petsitter and she made him very comfortable. Thanks again!



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